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About Us


Today, due to intense need for construction and thanks to developing technologies, a large number of buildings that comprise modern and compact living spaces are being constructed. The only system at such buildings that works incessantly on a 7/24 basis and has direct impact on human health as well as building safety is made up of “Mechanical Installation” applications.

For 20 years, our company has been providing project, implementation, and consultancy services in all mechanical installation fields including heating, cooling, and air conditioning services known collectively as HVAC.

Concerning our company that implemented mechanical installation systems of numerous structures such as hotels, industrial facilities, factories, housing complexes, governmet buildings and the like:
  • Is it one of the pioneering companies in the industry?
  • Is it an expert, perfect, and a perfectionist concerning engineering and workmanship?
  • Is it able to provide the most professional, most efficient, highest quality, and the most economically feasible solutions?
  • Does it implement environment-friendly projects keeping human health in high esteem?
All these questions can be answered by our precious customers we have served so far.

Nevertheless, positive feedback from customers we have been serving proudly for long years and continuity in our relationship as solution partners pose the ultimate proof for our success in accomplishing our undertakings towards them.

With the hope of implementing many further projects of success in coming years, as the Bac Energy family who have served you in every minute of your life;

  • 20 active years in the industry,
  • 20 active years in Mechanical Installment sector,
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Labour is the corporal and intellectual effort spent to create or produce something. It refers to man's conscious effort to change the nature and his environment to reach his ends as well as transforming himself in the course and the relevant work process. The concept of labour requires conscious action and long, tiring, and careful work.

“Thinking of reaching goals without labour is merely dreaming. Labour goes hand in hand with hard toil and success.”


Bac Energy that made its entry to the industry by 1992 with natural gas transformation, split air conditioner, and VRF system applications, has, since 2000, been providing project, implementation, and consultancy services for mechanical installations at industrial facilities, housing complexes, company headquarters, private and public enterprise buildings, as well as government buildings.


Our vision is to provide our customers with environment-friendly and economically feasible projects that offer the best solutions with implementation of the latest technology with the highest quality.

Becoming a standard-setting, exemplary and pioneering company in the industry.


In line with our philosophy of 100% customer satisfaction; creating economically feasible and efficient solutions for all of your mechanical installment needs, with perfect engineering, flawless workmanship, high efficiency and top-quality machinery.

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  • Providing 100% customer satisfaction
  • Being trustworthy and honest
  • Creating structures with no harmful impact on environment
  • Exalting research and development activities
  • Creating most feasible system solutions
  • Creating and sharing common values